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Tahitian Spring Collection-Travelogue series

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 Welcome to the Tahitian Spring Collection from the IAMCCC Travelogue Series of 2017. Join us on our adventures around the world thru polish and cosmetics.

I traveled to French Polynesia last spring and was so inspired by the colors and views that I knew I wanted to honor it with it’s own collection. What we have is my interpretation of my time there. I went during the hottest month of the year and also a pretty wet one. While it was still 75-90 plus degrees it would just suddenly and torrentially downpour.

Matira Pointe- A beige scattered holo with contrasting blue flecks and shimmer, Gold, silver and blue micro flakies. This color reminds of where the water hits the coral sands. The water is so clear that you see everything!

Tahitian Sauce- AKA Tahiti Sauce 2.0- A punchy pink leaning coral scattered holo with tons of gold, purple and blue shimmers, flakies and flecks. So many tropical drinks originated from French Polynesian fruits and rum! Best thing was a good drink and sitting on the balcony watching the sunset. Gorgeous shades of purples and oranges, corals, reds and pinks. Breathtaking!

The Belvedere- A deep teal to aqua turquoise holo thermal with tons of green shimmer, flakies and flecks. Belvedere Outlook is up a mountainside in the heart of Moorea, overlooking tons of lush greenery, a craggy left over from the volcano and both Cook’s bay and Opanoha Bay, where Cook actually came into the island.

100’s of Hibiscus- This Lavender creme with contrasting green shimmer is the perfect spring color. While many of the types of Hibiscus in Tahiti are not native, they have hundreds of varieties. I love Hibiscus and I love pressing them from the places I find them!

Maka- Maka is Tahitian for cannabis. With my home state legalizing recreational use this year, I felt it was a perfect way to honor that, with a gorgeous kiwi green holo polish with contrasting purple shimmer and UCC flakies. Whether you want to “Legalize it!” or not, this polish is a must! The weather and soil makes for the perfect growing conditions. In Bora Bora it is a local fave, so to Maka!

Peacock Perle Noire- A Black ultra holo with Blue, green, purple and pink UCC Flakies and blue green shifting shimmer. French is the national language of Tahiti, Tahitian is just now making t’s way into modern culture, many signs, while in French, Tahitian and English; French is still the dominant language. Perle Noire means Black Pearl in French. Part of what brought empire after empire to the tropical South Pacific are these rare and gorgeous black pearls that have colors, shapes and qualities unlike anywhere in the world. The warm nutritious waters are just right to cultivate one of the most prized gems in the world! So naturally I had to grab a few, one of course being a peacock variety!

These were my adventures of a Tahitian Spring. I hope you enjoyed our travels. The island atolls, crystal clear waters and breathtaking sunsets and journeys made this an epic adventure. I hope you join us for next time! Til then Maruru- Thank you in Tahitian 

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